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Yosemite National Park 

For this poster I used a method of combining two important art movements, one modernist movement, and one post-modernist movement. I decided to go with Art Deco and Psychedelic Art movements. The visual motifs of the two art movements are incorporated, and combined together to create something unique and different. The title treatment of the poster is psychedelic, as well as the leaf pattern, and the vibrant colors. The optical vibrating effect created by the green leafs and the red background is also a characteristic of the Psychedelic art style. The elongated geometric shapes of the bars and the half dome silhouette illustration are characteristics of art deco as well as the airbrush texture.

Fullerton Jazz Orchestra and Big Band

This poster was designed during the Internship Class at California State University Fullerton, for the Fullerton Jazz Orchestra and Big Band. I decided to do different explorations for the same poster, one using a cool color palette and different fonts, and another one using a warm color palette and only one font. For the one on the left I used one typeface with different weights and sizes, I wanted to represent rhythm by using diagonal lines, and by placing the trumpet in a slanted position as if somebody was playing it.

GCAC and Begovich Galleries 

This is a poster for CSUF Grand Central Art Center and Begovich Gallery 2012 fall Exhibition. The concept for this poster is to represent art as precious, curious, beautiful, and full of life, this is why I chose a crane for the main image. Cranes are a symbol of long life, and I think origami making is a curious
and beautiful art. The bigger cranes represent the galleries, and the smaller cranes that compose the bodies of the bigger cranes represent the artworks in the galleries.
For this poster I did two title explorations
one using an origami font, and the other
using an unembellished font.

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